hello there.

We’ve made it to Japan…one more flight to go till we arrive in Ch1na! So far, we’ve spent ten hours at the Haneda airport and have three more hours to go till we board our final plane. We both are feeling a bit antsy to finish this leg of travel and arrive in our destination city.

I am going to try my absolute best to keep exciting updates flowing, but blogging has never been my strong point. we’ll see how this goes…

Oz and I are thrilled to start this journey together. We have been preparing spiritually and mentally for this trip for months and the fact that it has arrived is something my mind can’t seem to fully comprehend. What a dream to be able to escape our familiar world together to dive into the adventures and challenges, blessings and excitement that this trip will surely bring. We get to come together again after over a year of not being able to invest in each other as much as we wanted to in such a fresh marriage and have three uninterrupted months together. I am excited to fall more deeply in love with my husband and share such incredible experiences with him. We’ve outlined goals for the summer to make sure we build the right habits in order to soak up every bit of what this summer can be and return home a refreshed, healthier and more connected couple who is ready to embrace whatever comes next. This is a time of transition for us. We will press into what He desires not only for the next three months, but for the next season of our lives together. Although we look forward to what is next, we want to be disciplined to be present in each moment we stand in. We do not want to miss what He is doing in the here and now.

We invite you along with us as we enjoy this adventure together. We hope you like what you read and are even a bit inspired. We have no idea what this summer will look like, but we are absolutely ecstatic to find out.


We love you a lot,

Oz and Bee


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