In no particular order

So thankful for these things today

Late night/early morning singing session till someone falls asleep first

Morning Refreshment in the W o r d

E-notes from so many friends

Favorite pens and not leaving the house without them

learning new card games

Duo Duo, the pup we may sneak back to the States

Lunch dates with new friends

Live music at a cafe {I miss the melodies of SD}

A Chinese man playing Spanish guitar {right?!}


Our dumpling dinner together

The gorgeous sky with fluffy clouds

Little Chinese babies…need I say more?

Wannabe ‘Tart Deco’ Nail polish color

The song “Amazing One” by Rocky Green ❤ Love you friend.

Conversations about Love.

My husband. I find new reasons to be thankful for him everyday.

It feels better to fall asleep remembering all the reasons today was a great day. And it really was. I’m excited for tomorrow, but first I am going to spend quite a few hours sleeping soundly next to my Oz.

What are you thankful for today? I’d love to know.


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One thought on “In no particular order

  1. Momma Bee says:

    Our daughter who reminded me today to be more thankful

    Employment…no matter how much is dislike my job

    Wind – how it moves things without seeing it

    The color blue

    A roof over our head

    A husband who loves unconditionally


    Skype and email, which allows me to communicate across the world

    New recipes that turn out fantastic

    Summer fruit

    Deep friendships

    Moments when I see that I have grown (not physically ; )

    Young people excited about Je sus

    Old people’s stories of life

    Saturdays with no plans

    The ocean

    Fans for white noise

    Books that inspire

    Manicured fingernails and toes


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