happy weather, happy girl

Today was packed from top to bottom, in the best possible way. Investing in the community here has brought us so much joy. People are so diverse, aren’t they? Each one adds something new and unique to the whole of the group.

We had bright blue skies with plump sprinkles of cloud here and there. The view of the mountain was perfect and beautiful. You could see the snow on the tippy-top. No fog to blur the view today! Thank you L-rd for bringing heavy rain last night. We’ve enjoyed the bright clear day that resulted. So cheery!

Oz and I hope all is well back home. We love each of you and want you to know that we are thoroughly enjoying our summer here and do think of you often. I wish I could sit down with each of you and lavish you with details of each day, each emotion, each new smell, taste and experience. A fun part of that conversation for me would be to include the details of what has now become familiar. The emotions, smells, tastes and experiences that I’m used to now. All the things that we know as normal. However, I don’t imagine that would be as interesting in reality as it is in my mind. And I suppose that is one reason that we are keeping this blog…so you can sit down with this site at whichever time is convenient for you and be filled in on all those new & normal things.

With that considered, sorry for the short and somewhat vague entries the past week-ish. My wordiness will perhaps find its way out of it’s hiding place and back to my fingertips soon.

Tomorrow Today is Monday.


Happy Monday, friends.

Mrs. B e e


One thought on “happy weather, happy girl

  1. Tammy says:

    Though it is true that we all in “Oz ‘n’ Bee Blogland” love both of your posts, I think we can all accept that writing less frequently or with as much detail is quite possibly a healthy thing: an indication that you are obeying the Jim Elliot quote you posted the other day! You have our permission to “Be all there.” 🙂

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