On the Road Again…

We packed our hiking bag (yes…only one) and are getting ready to head out the door for a weekend trip! We are SO excited to tag along with J&L to drive up to the Lake to visit with their friends and check up on a couple investments they’ve made there. It’s a six (ish) hour drive and the Lake is beautiful. We will be gone for three days — so we’ll give an update when we get back. We are looking forward to this trip also because it will give us a more flavorful taste of what J&L have been investing in. Please join us in asking Papa for the following:

safe travels

a rich time with J&L

to be a blessing to those we visit

and anything else you feel on your heart to pray for 🙂

{{This is the lake where we’ll be…Oz took this when he was there about 4 years ago.}}

Happy weekend everybody!


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One thought on “On the Road Again…

  1. Tammy says:

    Soooo idyllic! Not how I picture China (silly me!) We were in the beauty of the California coastal redwoods for Jesse’s wedding, while you were at the Lake. The beauty that our G-d has created in this world he made for us is so awe inspiring! Hope you had a lovely time. Grace and peace to you both.

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