The Lake, The mango, the bee, oh my!

Going to the lake this last weekend was a fantastic way to get insight into the lives of some of the many Chinese ethnic groups that live there as well as see how our friends here cultivate relationship and work alongside them. We were able to meet and develop a friendship with a friend of J+L’s by  enjoying Yak Butter Tea and conversation in his traditional style home while learning about his family. What a blessing to see what our Father is doing among this beautiful and unique group of people! Here are a few pictures from our trip. Click them if you’d like a bigger view (aka – you can’t find your glasses)…

A typical view of a village

This view was more amazing in real life!

The traditional dress. Their hats indicate that they are married and have children.

Single women wear smaller versions of the hat.

Fishing boats docked near our hotel. It was so peaceful to wake up to this lake view.

Lounging around on a water buffalo.

Inside a traditional house. It’s like a life-size Lincoln log house!

No nails to hold it together, yet it’s such a strong structure.

Yak butter tea with barley flour. You take a spoonful of the barley flour and throw it in the back of your mouth (not too far or you’ll have an embarrassing coughing fit 🙂 ) then drink the thick, soup-like tea to wash it down. We each had about 3 cups full! Its a tasty, buttery and salty experience! Something we’ll never forget and always be grateful for the experience.

Grandmother and mother of our friend. These women have seen so much — I wish we could sit down with them all day and hear their stories…but they do not speak Mandarin. Most of the older generations do not. Our friends J & L are hoping to start their minority language classes soon to get started on building more relationships with people from this group. When Oz spat out the few sentences he knows in their language, they lit up and became such chatter-boxes. It was such a blessed time with them.

Our dinner view of the lake. It never got old.

We really enjoyed our stay!


Since we’ve been back we’ve caught up on sleep and just relaxed. Oz finished his morning teaching class before we left, so he only has his afternoon tutoring for two hours. It has given us time to hang out together, meet up with friends and deepen those relationships. One evening we were treated to dinner by one of our Sisters here and went back to her house for some fun. We watched TV, including some of the Olympics (Go USA!), enjoyed some home-made rice wine (delicious) and tea. She showed us some of the most natural honey we’ve ever seen. It’s cultivated in her village  – I think her Uncle bottled it for her. Anyway, this honey made Trader Joes au-naturel style seem like a joke. We found an actual dead bee in the mix and chewed the wax. It definitely made our tea more…adventurous. However, the sweetness and texture was a b s o l u t e l y divine. Here, take a look at our evening:

Oz picking out the best fruit at the market. I didn’t even know a Mango could get that big!

Our yummy bowl of noodles. We also had lamb kabobs, but they were eaten up too fast to get a picture.

She heated up the rice wine and we enjoyed every spoonful! It had a strong alcohol flavor with a bit of sweetness from the rice. See how excited he is!?

Underneath the thick stuff on the top was creamy golden honey.

 The picture on the bottom shows a big hunk of drenched honeycomb.

We had a really great time hanging out with our friend. We felt so honored that she invited us back to her place — such a great night!


So, one adventure finished and blogged and ready to head out this weekend for another one! We have been invited to celebrate Huo Ba Jie (Torch Festival) at our friends hometown village. We’ll leave tonight and spend two nights with her family. We are SO looking forward to celebrating this festival in our friends village! We’ll get an authentic and traditional experience and I’m sure, have a fantastic time. We hope you guys have been having a great week — can you believe how fast this month is going?! Pretty soon Oz and I will be back home and this whole summer may feel like it was all a dream. We’ll (gladly) wait and see. 🙂

Back on Monday,

Oz & Bee

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6 thoughts on “The Lake, The mango, the bee, oh my!

  1. Tammy says:

    What great shots! What a fabulous trip! bless you guys. xo

  2. MommaBee says:

    Your commentary, along with the pics helps us to get a feel of your time there – thank you for letting us experience that…makes me feel closer to you while your away. What an awesome adventure that was.

    Can’t wait for the next adventure!


  3. Brittan says:

    Amazing! What incredible adventures! Love love love. & B, way to go on the yak stuff…yikes! Looks like you’ll be eating more than baby octopus when you get home ; )

  4. Sarah says:

    You are so adventurous! Especially with the things you eat…I’m inspired to be more daring when it comes to multicultural food now. =)

  5. ozandbee says:

    @Brittan @Sarah Bee has been so good with all the strange foods, you wouldn’t believe what she’s muscled down with a smile at the villages. I’m so proud of her!

  6. ozandbee says:

    @MommaBee So glad you are enjoying all the pictures! we’ll have more coming up really soon. i’ll let Bee write all the commentary again, she’s so much better at it.

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