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Flashback F r i d a y

We have been home for 8 months. C h i n a still feels like yesterday, but at the same time feels like a dream from years ago. In honor of Flashback Friday, here are some snaps from our last days in the beautiful country.


We had a sweet lunch with these two beauties. It was a bitter-sweet meal knowing that it was our last one together.

IMG_1878 IMG_1879

Duo Duo. This silly girl brought us so much laughter. She was a sweet blessing to adopt for the summer. She still has a piece of our hearts. ❤


All packed and ready to train to Beijing. This is the last shot I took of Oz in our room.


The overnight train was something like 12 hours. I was so happy to have gotten the bottom bunk this time…those beds stack three high!

IMG_2005Our last meal in Beijing with our buddy. This dish is T H E best food in the whole world. My mouth is literally watering right now.


Travel in China just wouldn’t be complete without a little mafan. Oz’s bag was “randomly selected” to be searched. Later we were told it had something suspicious in it. There was nothing random about their selection. This is Oz’s expression in response to the love/hate relationship with mafan. [[suspicious item? the camera tripod.]]


At our gate! Ready to fly to Japan! Behind me is the vending machine full of water and beer. Something we knew we would not be seeing in the States any time soon.


Our bird. We sat in the wing seats and tried to realize that this was it. Homeward bound. That was a weird day. Lots of excitement to look forward to. Lots of sorrow of leaving our home we grew to love and belong to. Here‘s a flashback to before we left and one here for the first update being home. I can’t begin to tell you how much is still hidden in between the two.

On this flashback Friday I’m grateful for our many memories and thousands of pictures from three months in China. Perhaps I’m ready to start unloading the stories I’ve been keeping in my treasure box. There are so many gems to unpack. Even though its a bit daunting of a task, I feel so honored to have the gems in the first place. We have a lifetime of stories and experiences that I will cherish over and over and over again. It would be wrong to keep them locked away. Hmm…time to figure out where to start?!



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According to Oz


Our trip so far, though a bit long and arduous, has been sprinkled with little joyous bits of entertainment and blessing. I’m thankful that family and friend were willing and able to take us to the airport  to send us off with some hugs, that the cook at our lunch location made a ‘mistake’ and added beans to bee’s burrito when she had forgotten to ask for them,  that we got to run into J & K Pip as they flew in to LA, and that we had a quick and easy flight to SFO. 
    Though the flight to Japan consisted of 54 pages, 3 1/2 (long) movies and several naps, we made it in time to catch a stunning night view of the city as we soared towards the landing strip. Customs was a bit of a mess, but we got Japan stamps (sweet!) and were able to find a comfortable enough resting spot for our 12 hour layover. In that time we discovered a few things about the Japanese airport…

       – the attendants are all so respectful, nice, and as helpful as possible
       – the toilet seats are heated, have a bidet (with adjustable strength of stream) and massage options which we felt compelled to test out — no comment
       – everything they have is cute! Little face towels, flowered aprons to serve lunch in, everything colorful and overly-stimulating. My personal favorite, giant Pikachu and Hello Kitty airplanes
       – and lastly, the escalators and moving walkways board on the left! Totally didn’t realize this was something we do differently in the states till I accidentally made it a treadmill by walking down the wrong side… And of course it makes sense considering their driving system.

      These discoveries were all made amidst mundane but mildly humorous activities such as taking perfume showers at the duty-free shops to cover up our ‘travel odor’ (thirty-six hours in the same clothes isn’t pleasant), even utilizing the perfume flaps in magazines (for which we have a newfound appreciation), and attempting to get a good nights rest on small couch seats in an open lounge (moderate fail).
       ——– We boarded for the last leg, our flight into China. It went smoothly and, in comparison to the rest of the journey, very quickly. Customs was a bit long but we made it through with no issues. 
     Heading to the baggage claim we quickly found Bee’s bag, but the longer we waited for my bag the more sure we became that it must have gotten left behind. I asked at the baggage office and, after some poking around on the computer, was told that my bag had been left in SFO. A bit disappointed and quite smelly at this point, we gave them the address of the hostel (HDC) where they could deliver the bag after it arrived on the next flight and caught a bus into the city to get a bit cleaned up.
    After arriving at our hostel, rinsing off a little and getting outfitted in one of bee’s shirts (mine was nasty at this point) we went to meet up with an old friend  at a favorite old bar on the north west side of town and join her for a study at a nearby house. It was fun to catch up with old friends, but by the end bee and I were both falling asleep standing up (we’d only slept 4-5 hours in 48 hours), so we went to our hostel (and ended up getting a really great night’s sleep– ptl) 
    Today we will probably spend some time riding bikes around, visiting my old school and neighborhood, and getting some really good food! 
Please be thinking about our bag, as it still hasn’t arrived. Love you guys 🙂
For pictures, keep up with iamzulu on instagram
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